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Access World News 

This comprehensive news collection cover events at the local, regional, national and international level. This source includes print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos. Also includes news articles from 1970-1991, including firsthand reports and varying regional perspectives. (Primary source)

Canadian Newsstream 

Over 300 Canadian newspapers from Canada's leading publishers, including the complete available electronic backfile for most newspapers, providing full access to the articles, columns, editorials and features.

Financial Times 

FT content is produced each day by over 500 journalists reporting from the world's political and commercial nerve centers. It provides an authoritative and impartial picture of international trade, finance, the economy and politics

Florida Digital Newspaper Library 

Materials in the collection date back to the early 19th century and culminate with current event

International Newsstream 

Provides information from more than 660 of the world's top newspapers, including The Times (London), The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Asian Wall Street Journal, and much more

MasterFile Premier 

A database of full-text magazines, journals, and reference books, as well as photo, map, and flag files dating back to 1917. Titles include popular magazines like Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Country Living, Elle, Essence, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, and Popular Mechanics alongside an expansive list of scholarly and trade publications.

NewsBank Ethnic Newspapers 

Covers 97 US ethnic newspapers. Various date ranges


Front pages of today 's newspapers only. No back files.

Newspaper Source Plus 

National and International newspaper coverage, television and radio transcripts.


The Associated Press Newswire (formerly AP NewsMonitor collection) is a full-text database that contains harvested news from the Associated Press.

New York Times (Elon faculty, staff and students can sign up for free access)

Covers local, regional, national and worldwide news from 1980 - current, New York Times Magazine (1997-current), and New York Times Book Review (1997-current).

North Carolina Periodicals Index 

The index provides access to articles in regional publications that pertain to a wide range of North Carolina-related topics, including the arts, business, culture, history, law, natural resources, public policy, tourism, and travel.


Instant access to 6000+ newspapers and magazines from 120+ countries in 60+ languages. These are usually daily papers; no archives.

Regional Business News 

Covers business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

U.S. Newsstream 

News content from many national and international newspapers, newswires and selected news magazines. Includes CBS News 60 Minutes transcripts and video from 1997-2014.

University Wire

Collection of college newspapers from across the U.S. The content focuses on campus news. Over 350 newspapers are included, with over 150 updated on a daily basis.

Wall Street Journal 

Full articles from the Wall Street Journal (1981-current).

The Washington Post (Elon faculty, staff and students can sign up for free access)

These are Primary Source Newspapers, and are usually found on microfilm inside Belk Library.

  • Alamance Gleaner (Graham, Alamance County, NC) 1875 - 1947
  • American Weekly Mercury (Philadelphia, PA) 1719-1746
  • Anglo-Saxon (Rockingham, NC) 1900 - 1903
  • Aurora General Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) 1794
  • Baltimore Patriot (Baltimore, MD) (Includes Evening Advertiser and Mercantile Advertiser) 1812-1830
  • Battleboro Advance (Battleboro, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1871 - 1873
  • Battleboro Progress (Battleboro, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1880
  • Berea Gazette (Berea, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1877-1878
  • Boston Chronicle (Boston, MA) Includes Massachusetts Spy (1770-1772) and Censor (1771-1772) 1767 - 1770
  • Boston Evening Post (Boston, MA); Includes Boston Post-Boy (1735-1775); 1735 - 1775
  • Boston Gazette (Boston, MA) 1719-1798
  • Boston News-Letter (Boston, MA) 1704-1776
  • Boston Patriot (Boston, MA) 1809-1820
  • Brevard Hustler (Brevard, Transylvania County, NC) (film is labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1896
  • Burlington Daily Times News (Burlington, NC) 1923-1970
  • Burlington Journal (Burlington, NC) 1923
  • Carolina Federal Republican (New Bern, NC) 1809-1813
  • Chicago Defender (Chicago, IL) 1909-1929
  • Christian Sun (Elon College, NC) 1844 - 1965
  • Columbian Centinel (Boston, MA) 1790-1820
  • Connecticut Courant (Hartford, CT) 1764-1837
  • Connecticut Gazette (New London, CT) 1763-1820
  • Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC) 1813-1820
  • Daily Times News  1971 - 1988
  • Eagle (Maysville, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1818-1819
  • Eastern Argus (Portland, ME) 1803-1832
  • Enquirer (Richmond, VA) 1804-1820
  • Federal Republican (Georgetown, DC) 1812-1816
  • Globe (Richmond, KY) 1809-1810
  • Hillsborough Recorder (Hillsborough, NC) (microfilm reel includes Durham Recorder) 1820 - 1878
  • Kentucky Journal (Frankfort, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles")1795
  • Massachusetts Spy (Worchester, MA) 1775-1820
  • Mountain Voice (Bakersville, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1880
  • Nation (Buffalo Springs, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1858
  • National Intelligencer (Washington, DC) 1800-1812
  • New England Courant (Boston, MA) 1721-1727 Includes Weekly Rehearsal (1731-1735)
  • New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, NH) Includes Freeman's Journal (1776-1778) 1756-1831
  • Newport Mercury (Newport, RI) 1758-1842
  • News & Observer (Raliegh, NC 1987 - 2010
  • New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury (New York, NY) 1768-1783
  • New York Gazette or Weekly Post Boy (New York, NY) 1747-1750; 1757-1758; 1767-1768
  • New York Gazette revived in the Weekly Post Boy (New York, NY) 1751-1752
  • New York Herald (New York, NY) 1802-1817
  • New York Journal or General Advertiser (New York, NY) 1766-1772
  • New York Mercury (New York, NY) 1752-1768
  • North Carolina Gazette (New Bern, NC) 1751 - 1778
  • North Carolina Gazette, or Impartial Intelligencer, and Weekly General Advertiser 1783-1798
  • North Carolina National (Company Shops, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1882
  • Our Home (Beaver Dam, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1893
  • People's Friend (Danville, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1818-1819
  • People's Press (Salem, NC) 1852-1882
  • Political Theatre (Lancaster, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1808-1810
  • Porcupine's Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) 1797 - 1800
  • Republican Auxiliary (Washington, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1806-1810
  • Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, VA) 1821 - 1834
  • Rivington's New York Gazetteer (New York, NY) 1773-1775
  • Rivington's New York Gazette (New York, NY) 1777-1783
  • Rivington's New York Loyal Gazette (New York, NY) 1777
  • Roan Mountain Republican (Bakersville, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1876 - 1879
  • Royal Gazette (New York, NY) 1777-1783
  • Salem Gazette (Salem, MA) 1790-1833
  • Salem Mercury (Salem, MA) 1786-1789
  • South Carolina Gazette 1732 - 1782
  • Southern Voice (Bethel, Pitt County, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1890
  • Telegraph (Georgetown, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1811-1813
  • Times News 1989 - current
  • Transylvania Hustler (Brevard, Transylvania, County, NC)(microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1893
  • Union (Washington, KY) (microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1814-1820
  • Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, VA) 1736 - 1781
  • Weekly Messenger (Russellville, KY)(microfilm labeled "Kentucky miscellaneous titles") 1814-1821
  • Western North Carolina Democrat (Bakersville, NC) (microfilm labeled "Miscellaneous North Carolina newspapers") 1888

National Newspapers Online

Local Newspapers Online

Online News

  • BBC News -News from around the world reported by the BBC
  • CNN Interactive - current news stories reported by CNN
  • C-SPAN - provides public access to the political process
  • C-SPAN's CapitalNews - the latest updates from Capitol Hill, the White House and National Politics
  • Fox News - the leading US conservative news network
  • History News Service - an informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to improve the public's understanding of current events by setting these events in their historical contexts
  • National Public Radio - international and national news
  • - old newspapers articles
  • NewsLinks - provides access to home pages of magazines, newspapers, and radio and televison stations
  • NewsWatch - consumer's guide to news; nonpartisan analysis of the media
  • Public Agenda Online - nonpartisan, nonprofit public opinion research and citizen education
  • Radio Stations on the Internet - links to over 800 stations worldwide; many stations broadcast over the internet
  • - this private intelligence company presents news and commentary on political, social, military, and economic trends worldwide
  • Total News - create your own "personal edition" news; links to major news sources, plus a search engine
  • U-Wire - a daily college media newswire produced by students, includes contributions from student publications.also contains CopyBoy, an online story archive

Online News Directory

Print Newspapers

These newspapers are available on the first floor of Belk library.

  • Alamance News (Graham, NC)
  • Barrons
  • Carolina Peacemaker (Greensboro, NC)
  • Education Week
  • Independent Weekly (Durham, NC)
  • New York Times
  • News and Observer (Raleigh, NC)
  • News and Record (Greensboro, NC)
  • Pendulum (Elon University)
  • Times New (Burlington, NC) (No longer printed on Mondays)
  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal

News and Observer 1926-1992

The N&O Index is an alphabetical list of names and subjects, with references to the newspaper articles in which they occur.

It is not a database of articles; rather, it is a guide to help find articles with more information about a particular topic.
Indexes that date from 1978-1981 were published in book form and electronically. Over the next year, we hope to include those entries in the N&O Index, 1926-1992, as well.

Popular Magazines

The library subscribes to dozens of magazines in print. You can find them on the first floor, on the shelves near the elevator.  For access to magazines online, try the following links:

Historical Magazines - find magazines from the 20th and sometimes even the 19th centuries.

Streaming Audio & Video Collections