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Alison Van Norman
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Best databases for Art

Other databases for Art

General databases

These general databases may also contain articles related to art.

Image & video resources

How to cite images

Visual sources can be difficult to cite, so be sure to 1) include as much information as you can, 2) format the elements consistently, and 3) adapt the general formats as described in published citation style guides as needed. If you have questions, please contact me.

Citing images from an image database, such as ARTstor, should include most, if not all, of this information (or as much of it as can be easily determined from the source).

  • creator's name
  • title of the image as given in the database
  • date of creation
  • name and location of the institution that houses the image (if any)
  • dimensions (if known)
  • material or format (painting, sculpture, photograph, etc.)
  • database name and URL
  • date accessed the database

Use Artstor off campus

To use Artstor wherever you are, you must first register for a free Artstor account.

  • You must do this on an on-campus computer.
  • You may use whatever email and password you like (does not have to be your Elon email and password).
  • To maintain this access, you have to login from an on-campus computer every 120 days.