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Streaming Audio & Video

This guide will help you find streaming video and audio resources that our campus subscribes to.

Streaming Introduction

Elon University provides many streaming video and streaming audio services. Streaming media is video or audio content sent in compressed form over the Internet and played immediately, rather than being saved to your computer's hard drive. With streaming media, you do not have to wait to download a file before you can play it. Because the media is sent in a continuous stream of data,  it can play as it arrives.

We work with several vendors who provide streaming media for the university. This streaming video and audio are available to Elon students, faculty and staff.

The streaming video the Elon provides often/frequently includes Public Performance Rights. Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video. Normally the media producer or distributor manages these rights and they can assign PPR to others through a Public Performance License. Films on Demand and Academic Video Online streaming videos have Public Performance Rights included in Elon's licenses. What does this mean for you?  You can show these videos anywhere on campus to any audience as long as NO admission fees are charged. However, not every film in Kanopy has PPR. If you are interested in showing a film from Kanopy, please contact Kanopy and ask if PPR is included.

For more information about Public Performance Rights look at this


Belk Library Streaming Video Subscriptions

FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) Databases

These are free sites where you can watch thousands of movies and television shows from all over the world. All it costs is a bit of your time to watch the ads.