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Measuring Your Research Impact

Finding Influence of Books & Book Chapters

Locating evidence of impact for books and book chapters can be more challenging than traditional journal articles.
Some recommended resources include:

Google Scholar includes citation data for most books from scholarly presses.  Here's an example:

Copyrights and copywrongs: The rise of intellectual property and how it threatens creativity

Copyright reflects far more than economic interests. Embedded within conflicts over royalties 

and infringement are cultural values—about race, class, access, ownership, free speech, 
and democracy—which influence how rights are determined and enforced. Questions of … 

Web of Science includes Science Book Index and Social Science and Humanities Book Index, 2005-current.  From the search screen, click on 'more settings' and un-click everything except the book index you'd like to search. NOTE: Not all books are included.

Book Metric Measures

Examples of Book Metric Measures
  • number of libraries that own the book
    • specific libraries that own the book (prestigious, etc.)
  • on bestseller lists
  • prize(s) awarded
  • book reviews
    • journals
    • newspaper
    • Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other (do you have an author page?)
  • book used as a textbook
  • mentioned on websites, social media
  • book in various formats (ebook, print, Kindle)
  • book or book chapter cited elsewhere
  • book editors reputation/awards
  • included in a bibliography
  • sales figures
  • later editions
  • translations
  • academic or popular presentation
  • book signings
  • publisher/press influence / reputation