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Measuring Your Research Impact


Alternative metrics, or altmetrics, are tools that measure the current use of your publications. These tools provide a more current measure of research impact than citations, which may take months or years after you publish. Altmetrics might measure usage, captures, mentions, discussions, social media, and/or citations. Altmetrics can be viewed under the "Usage Count" drop-down in Web of Science.

Altmetrics Tools

What Can Altmetrics Tell You ?

Here are some ways altmetrics measure the impact of your research:

  • how many times has it been downloaded
  • number of posts on social media
  • how other countries are discussing it
  • how the news media is covering it
  • how your peers are discussing it

Increase Research Visibility

  • Promote Your Research on Social Media:
    • Announce and provide a link
    • Tag co-authors, publishers, funders and institutions
    • Include hashtags
    • Include an image or video
    • translate research into non-technical jargon
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Create a Video Abstract
  • Share Your E-Print
  • Present Your Paper at a Conference
  • Speak to Your Librarian, Use Your Networks
  • Include Your Article in Your Email Signature
  • Update Your Directories