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A guide to zines, DIY/homemade publications which allow folks to tell their own stories or share information. Topics include mental health, disability, queerness, race and racism, sexual assault, political topics, recipes, and much more.

Citing our Zines

For Zine Collections:

"Title of Zine in quotation marks," Author/Zine collective (if applicable), Date (if given). General Zine Collection, ZIN 001. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC. 

*Note: some zines may not contain an author or date, and this is common. If this information is not provided, note this information by omitting the author, and writing "undated." Many zine authors use pseudonyms, so please always be sure to include that pseudonym as it is the author's preferred name. 

Using the Zine Collection


How can I look at the zines?

Faculty, staff, students, and the public are welcome to come view zines in the University Archives reading room, located on the second floor of Belk Library. The reading room is open during the hours of 8-5, M-F, but we are often out and about around campus, and it is best to make an appointment: feel free to schedule something. 

I'm interested in incorporating zines into a course I'm teaching. How do I go about doing that? 

Awesome! We're happy to help - we can provide zine research instruction, provide a tour of the zine collection, offer a zine-making workshop in your class, or help you turn your syllabus into a zine. Please reach out to us here!

Do the zines circulate?

Generally, we don't circulate the zines, but we can talk if you need some flexibility! 

How do I look for zines?

The best place to start is in ArchivesSpace, our database that contains the guides to the zines. Not all zines have been cataloged, so let us know if you're looking for something you don't see. 

Am I allowed to reproduce the zines?

Researchers are allowed to make copies or snap photos for their personal research use. We do not permit the publication of zine images or substantial textual material in print, online, or in a public format without securing consent from the zine creator. 

But aren't you going to digitize it all and put it online?!?

No. It violates zine librarians' code of ethics, and it's tacky.