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A guide to zines, DIY/homemade publications which allow folks to tell their own stories or share information. Topics include mental health, disability, queerness, race and racism, sexual assault, political topics, recipes, and much more.

Finding Zines at Belk Library

​Zines (short for magazine or fanzine), are handmade, small-circulation publications that are often photocopied for distribution. Zines offer a way for folks to tell their own story or share information about a particular topic, often related to communities in the margins. Topics may include mental health, sexual assault, coming out, racism, sexism, transphobia, immigration, prison abolition, radical parenting, and personal zines (perzines). 

We began building this collection in 2018 as a way for us to build collections that challenge the way we think about "authority," to insert voices into our library that are not often represented, and to directly support artists and creators by purchasing their work. Zines have been purchased at zine festivals in Greensboro and Durham, as well as from publishers on Etsy and through online zine distros. Other zines have been acquired from students at Elon, who made them as part of their coursework.