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A guide to zines, DIY/homemade publications which allow folks to tell their own stories or share information. Topics include mental health, disability, queerness, race and racism, sexual assault, political topics, recipes, and much more.

"Why does a 'zine like this HAVE to exist? Why do young people have to learn about a deadly disease from an underground publication as if we were living in a police state?! Because your school isn't telling you about it. Your parents aren't telling you about it. TV isn't telling you about it. NO ONE is telling you about it, even though it could kill you!"

-YELL Zine, ACTUP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)

ACT UP Zines

“Collection: Gendertrash: Transsexual Zine, 1993-1995 - Digital Transgender Archive Search Results.” (Thanks to Dr. Kirstin Ringelberg for this!)

Guide to the ACT UP New York Records, New York Public Library.

“Guide to the ACT UP Chicago Records 1969-1996.”

“QZAP - Queer Zine Archive.”

“The ACT UP Historical Archive: The YELL Zine: Youth Education Life Line.”

“The ACT UP Historical Archive: Why? Why? Why?”

“Zine Union Catalog : Individual : ACT UP [ACT UP].”