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Why are viewing rights important?

Showing video recordings (in both DVD and VHS format) that are borrowed from the library or are rented or purchased to groups outside of the classroom may be illegal.

Showing a copyrighted video recording outside the classroom, without first obtaining Public Performance Rights, may be illegal.

What are Public Performance Rights?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to show a video recording. These rights are normally held by the video distributor or producer. However, the rights-holder can give temporary PPR to others by selling them a Public Performance License. 

  • PPR are required to screen copyrighted videos to audiences outside of regular curriculum:  e.g., student clubs, extracurricular sponsored events (such as general lectures), etc.
  • PPR are not required when screening any video in the context of face-to-face teaching in the service of regular curricula.

For more information about PPR

Distributors for which Belk Library has PPR

Belk Library does not usually purchase videos with PPR because of the extra cost. Some video distributors include PPR in the purchase price. This allows campus groups to legally show the videos that are sold by these distributors, as long as the screening is free of charge to the viewers.

Belk Library has PPR for the video recordings purchased from the distributors listed below.