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U.S. History Research Guide

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Citation Resources

The most often used citation style for History is:

 Chicago Manual of Style Online


 Organize your sources using Zotero

Finding Sources

Also known as "Scholarly Articles," "Peer-Reviewed Articles," or "Academic Articles," these are:

  • Written and reviewed by scholars and provide new research, analysis, or information about a specific topic.
    • "Review" means the article is approved by other experts before publication
  • Usually focused on a narrow subject or a single case study
  • Intended for an academic audience

Why You Should Use Them:

  • Information is based on research and expertise
  • Information is detailed and focused on a narrow topic
  • The peer-review process (mostly) insures that the information is accurate
  • They add to a growing understanding of a topic by contributing new ideas

Find History Articles:

Additional Databases:

Books written by scholars are a good source of information for many topics. 

Why You Should Use Them:

  • Written on a broad subject
  • Easier to read than journal articles, and written for a broad audience
  • University press books undergo an editorial process
  • May contain a collection of chapters written by different authors
  • Contain less recent information, due to the lengthy publication process

Remember: you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book!

Find Books:

Search Belk Library's online system to find both library materials and articles in our databases. Use the search box below to do a basic search on library materials and databases.


Interlibrary Loan:

Use these resources to find newspaper articles online.

Why You Should Use Them: 

  • May be considered a primary source if written at the time an event occurred
  • May include eyewitness or firsthand accounts of events
  • Frequently include other primary source objects like photographs, editorials, political cartoons, letters to the editor, advertisements, etc.

Find Newspaper Articles:

Find Additional Newspapers:

Documentaries, videos, and photographs are great resources for research in the social sciences. They are available through several online streaming platforms in the library's database collection.

Why You Should Use Them:

  • They preserve important events or moments in time
  • They educate us and raise awareness
  • Focus is on real-life events and people

Find Videos & Images:

Polls and surveys are a type of data collected from specific populations. Poll and survey questions gather information, preferences, choices, or opinions from these populations. In historical research, they may provide information about social, political, or national issues during specific time periods or from geographic regions.

Be sure to speak with a librarian if you don't find what you need. They will be able to suggest other sources of information to help you with your research needs.

Find Polls & Surveys:

General Databases:

Access All Databases: