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Migrate from Refworks to Zotero

1.       Open Refworks                                                               

2.       Login to your account

3.       Click on “Export” under the Quick Access Menu on the right sidebar


4.       To export all documents at once, select “all references” in the drop down menu

5.       Choose “Bibliographic Software” format”

6.       Click “Export”

To export by folder:

o   First create a new folder in Zotero with the same name as the folder you want to export

o   Login to your Refworks account

o   Open the folder you wish to export

o   Select “export” under the Quick Access Menu

o   Choose “All in list”

o   Follow steps 5-6 above

7.       An export success pop-up will appear                   

8.       Follow prompt to “click here” if you do not receive a file download prompt

9.       Save the file you open as a txt file in a text editor (notepad in Windows)

a.       Copy text

b.      Paste in Notepad

c.       Save as .txt

10.   Name you file the same as it was named in Refworks.

11.   Open Zotero

12.   Click  Actions

13.   Select “Import”    

14.   Select the text file you just saved and click “Open”

15.   The citations will import into a collection folder with the same name as the folder you imported.