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ART 3800/ART 4970

Resources to help Art majors develop a critical annotated bibliography

"research is what artists do (and often what student-artists have been doing without realizing it)
in order to tell a more complete story about their creative process and the resulting work"

Meeks, Amanda, Larissa Garcia, Ashley Peterson, and Alyssa Vincent. 2017.
“CREATE: Adapting the Framework to Studio Art Disciplines.”
College & Research Libraries News 78 (10): 554–59

The research process

Academic research is a multistep process that can be multidisciplinary and will take time to get right. Your topic will morph as you learn more about it -- you'll most likely broaden or narrow it before you're finished. Keep track of everything you find and where you find it - use Zotero to help you stay organized.

Follow these steps in this guide to get started with your research:

  1. Identify a topic
  2. Refine your topic
  3. Search for information about your topic in books and articles in databases
  4. Evaluate the information
  5. Write your paper