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History of the Mexican Revolution

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Guide to History of the Mexican Revolution

The Research Cycle

1. Explore Your Topic

Before you settle on a topic, it's a good idea to get some background information first. The library is a great resource for background information!

2. Refine Your Topic

Now that you've done some background research, it's time to narrow your topic. Remember: the shorter your final paper, the narrower your topic needs to be. 

3. Find Sources

After you've refined your topic, it's time to start searching for sources. Do you need articles, books, or something else?

4. Search Effectively

At this point, you may need to adjust your search terms in order to find what you're looking for. Think about keywords, synonyms, and all the search tools available for you through the library.

5. Evaluate Your Sources

It's always a good idea to evaluate sources before using them in an assignment. Do your sources need to be scholarly sources? Do you need to have the most recent research?

6. Write!

Pull everything together to share your argument and your evidence. Tie ideas from your sources together with your own thoughts and analysis to make a compelling case.