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Student Life Professional Development

A resource to support professional development work by members of the Division of Student Life

Tips for expanding your professional development work

Explore, reflect, plan

  • Think about what you are interested in
    • Identify areas of interest within the scope of Student Life strategic mission
    • Thoughtfully consider your skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Discuss
    • Supervisors are stewards; discuss your professional development interests and goals
  • Mentors
    • Identify mentors who are knowledgeable and encouraging
  • Identify opportunities for presentations and publications
  • Make (and protect) time in your schedule
    • Critical to make scheduled time for professional development a part of the culture

Share the story of your professional development experiences

  • Submit announcement of your presentations and publications to Today at Elon
    • "Submit News" button in the upper right of the Today at Elon main page
    • Under "Tagging Options" include appropriate info for Categories, Department Pages, and People in this Article to tag the staff who presented/published with you
  • Create and maintain a current Elon directory profile
  • Create and maintain your LinkedIn profile

Use resources on campus

  • Elon's Writing Center
    • It's not just for students!
  • Teaching & Learning Technologies
    • Help creating presentations
  • Librarians
    • Identify resources to support your research
    • Keep track of resources using Zotero


Personal Librarians aren't just for Elon students!

Your librarians are happy to help you identify resources to support your own research and professional development.  

Who is the right librarian for you to work with?