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Personal Librarians at Belk Library

Your library advisors in Belk Library

The Personal Librarian (PL) Program at Belk Library matches all new Elon students with their own Personal Librarian. Your Personal Librarian serves as your point of contact for Belk Library. All PLs are dedicated to helping undergraduates be successful. While we hold different positions in Belk Library, all of us work frequently with Elon students and faculty.

Think of your PL as your library advisor – someone who will help you build the skills to successfully navigate your academic path during your years at Elon. How much or how little you choose to make use of your PL is up to you – your PL is here to help you.

Your Personal Librarian will help you:

  • Find information, identify the best sources, and understand citations
  • Get started with a paper or project; if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does
  • Stay informed about new resources or reminders about changes in library hours
  • When you’re away from campus via email or chat

We can also answer your questions (big or small) about the library:

  • How can I find articles for a research paper?
  • How do I get an article or book that the library doesn’t have?
  • How do I know if Belk Library has a book or an article that I need?
  • How do I find books/articles/DVDs that are on reserve for my class?

“I am so thankful to have a Personal Librarian to reach out to when I need help with an assignment!"

"I have really benefited from the program My personal librarian was super friendly and very welcoming!!"

"I find this program very useful, and used it multiple times this year!"

"it was easy to set up appointments to get help with anything that I needed."

"One of the greatest resources on campus!"

"SHE WAS GREAT! I was so surprised how much less stressful my research paper was because of her. She helped me so much and gave me great ideas."

"I think it is great, and I am glad to have my personal librarian as a tool in my toolbox if I need to!"

"She helped me learn how to do research."

"I think it's underappreciated because it's such a great resource and people don't realize that!"

"I found it super helpful and plan on using it in the future. Thanks for the help!"

"I think having the option there is a great idea, and the online resource where you can chat with a librarian at any time. It was very helpful when I was writing some papers!"

We'd love to help you with everything, but we can suggest better resources for: