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Community-Based Learning and Civic Engagement

Resources, readings, and more for service learning.

Understanding Issues

What causes an issue to occur? What are others doing about it? As you consider different social issues and how people work around them, you may wish to delve into the problems themselves. These resources can help clarify a research topic:

Researching Organizations

How do organizations try to affect a particular issue? How have they impacted their communities, and do they have the support of those same communities?

As you research organizations, these questions may help:

  1. What can you learn from the organization's website? Are there items such as needs assessments, community assessments, annual reports, or other publicly available documents?
  2. What do others have to say about the organization? Hint: it's ok to start with Wikipedia.
  3. Which issue does the organization try to address? For example, Habitat for Humanity tries to address both housing and poverty.
  4. Who are the stakeholders? Can you interview them to learn more about the needs of the organization?
  5. Are there other organizations trying to address the same issue? What similarities/differences are there between them?

Some general resources to find organizations and causes include:

Search Term Suggestions

Not finding what you need? Try these search terms in our library system or in a search engine to find materials about different aspects of service learning and civic engagement:

  • civic and citizenship
  • civic engagement
  • community based learning
  • community based research
  • community engagement
  • community relations and volunteer service in higher education
  • education for social responsibility
  • high impact practices
  • microfinance
  • service learning
  • social entrepreneurship
  • social justice
  • student volunteers in social service
  • transformative learning