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COR 3580 American Crime Fiction: Through a Legal Lens

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A note about keywords

Finding the right keywords is one of the most challenging parts of the research process. Even for librarians! 

Older or more well-known works might have criticism specifically about them. But there's not as much academic writing about popular novels or movies. So to find appropriate, peer-reviewed sources, you might have to broaden your search. 

Here are some examples of topics about which you might find scholarly sources:

  • Background research - do you need more historical or sociological context?  What do you know about the gender roles in the 1930s? Or social class in Britain in the 1930s?
  • Genre research - how does your novel/film/tv show fit in with others?  How are female detectives portrayed in other works?  How do filmmakers in mystery films deal with race?

Also, keep in mind that the databases don't always use the same vocabulary you do.  If one term doesn't work, try another.

  • Films = motion pictures = movies = cinema 

More tips:

  • Try putting the words of title in quotations marks, especially if they are common words (like "In Cold Blood") 
  • Search using the director's name, either with the title or just alone. Sometimes articles about the director's style in other films will also be relevant to the film you chose.
  • Try the searches in multiple places. Even though many of the databases are "Ebsco," they have different articles in them. I promise!