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Biology Research

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Science Writing

Writing an academic paper in the sciences can be daunting. Moreover, for many undergraduates, this is a totally new experience with unfamiliar or unclear standards and expectations. If you find yourself struggling with the style or content of writing in the sciences, these links might be helpful:

  • Science at the UNC Writing Center - This blog post covers some of the central pieces of effective science writing, with an emphasis on the "big three" competencies in science writing: precision, clarity, and objectivity. This is a great place to look if you are unsure of where to start!
  • University of Toronto Health Sciences Writing Centre - If you've covered the basics and you're seeking concrete tips and tools for improving your writing, try this all-in-one guide from the University of Toronto. They cover every phase of the writing process -from planning to publishing- and offer resources ranging from video tutorials to comprehensive style handbooks.

Citation Guide Links

Use this link to see the library Guide to Citation Style