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Anti-Racism Resources

This guide provides some resources related to the histories of racism, its continuing legacies, and how we can work to dismantle white supremacy.

Kimberlé Crenshaw - Intersectionality

“Because the intersectional experience is greater than the sum of racism and sexism, any analysis that does not take intersectionality into account cannot sufficiently address the particular manner in which Black women are subordinated." -Kimberlé Crenshaw

Crenshaw, a Civil Rights Advocate and Professor of Law at UCLA, first introduced the concept of intersectionality in 1989 when she published a paper in the University of Chicago Legal Forum: "Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics." 

Encyclopedia of African American Women Writers

Black Women Write on Race and Intersectionality