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Button Maker Use

This guide provides instructions and related documentation for proper use of the MakerHub's button maker

Getting Started

This guide will tell you all you need to know about using the Maker Hub's button maker. The button maker is located at the Maker Hub - Colonnades, and can only be used there (i.e., the button maker cannot be removed from that location). Here you can find campus directions, instructions for use, and related documents like a template for formatting your images.

Safety is a shared priority at the Maker Hub.We all play a part is ensuring that everyone is using the equipment in a safe way. If you see someone using a tool in an unsafe manner, say something to the person or the Maker Hub Consultant on duty. We ask that you read all instructions carefully and make sure to comply with them to the best of your ability.If you have further questions or need more personalized assistance, please contact the Maker Hub at

Instructions for Use

Instructions are listed in this Google Doc. Please be sure to read and review all items carefully.

Button Template