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Personal Librarians at Belk Library

Personal Librarians at Belk Library

betty garrison
Betty Garrison
chris benton
Chris Padgett
chrystal carpenter
Chrystal Carpenter
dianne ford
Dianne Ford
jamane yeager
Jamane Yeager
jennifer smith
Jennifer Smith
jerry waller
Jerry Waller
joan ruelle
Joan Ruelle
libby coyner
Libby Coyner
lynne bisko
Lynne Bisko
myrtle darden
Myrtle Darden
patrick rudd
Patrick Rudd
randall bowman
Randall Bowman
shannon tennant
Shannon Tennant
teresa lepors
Teresa LePors
vicki siler
Vicki Siler

Not sure who your PL is?

Not sure who your Personal Librarian is? Use this link to find out.

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