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Academic Research Guide

Find the information you need for papers, projects and life

The research process

Academic research is a multistep process that can be multidisciplinary and will take time to get right. Your topic will morph as you learn more about it -- you'll most likely broaden or narrow it before you're finished. Keep track of everything you find and where you find it - use Zotero to help you stay organized.

Follow these steps in this guide to get started with your research:

  1. Identify a topic
  2. Refine your topic
  3. Search for information about your topic in books and articles in databases
  4. Evaluate the information
  5. Write your paper

AND if you have any questions,

  • chat with a librarian by selecting the "Ask a question now" link below
  • call us at 336.278.6599


  1. Click the link below to access the Google Drive spreadsheet
  2. Select a line between 2 and 25 in the spreadsheet that no one else is using
  3. On your line, enter your topic in column A