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Family Research & Genealogy

About Family Research

Find Out Who You Are!

Using online and print resources from Belk Library, you can begin to discover more about your ancestors and through them, possibly more about yourself, your family and your history. 

Ways to Start and Things to Consider:

  • Contact relatives and interview them, look at family trees to begin your research journey
  • Take it slow and start with just one ancestor; keep a record of what you found
  • What you're going to find: census records, birth records, death records, military records, cemetery records, immigration records, will and probate, newspaper articles, letters, diaries, pictures, school yearbooks and much more
  • How to process what you've found: good news, disappointments, surprises
  • Do you want to continue to research, and do you want to share what you've found with others
  • I hit a dead end, what do I do now