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Identifying the Top News Stories from your Country

Unfortunately there's not a good way to just Google "What were the top news stories from [country] in 2022?"  You will have to look at headlines and stories and make your own evaluation. Here are some likely themes you should consider:

1. Health

  • I don't know, was there maybe a pandemic?? But there might be other diseases of concern (viruela del mono)

2. Weather/natural disasters 

  • Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, landslides, dams bursting
  • You don't just bounce right back from a disaster. So even if the event is over, are there still recovery issues?

3. Politics & Economics

  • Elections – was there one? Is there about to be one?
  • Scandals – Corruption? Sex scandals?
  • Relations with US – Any foreign policy deals? Visits of leaders? 
  • How is the economy? How strong is the currency? Is there a depression or recession? Are they using cryptocurrency?
  • Emigration and immigration - are people leaving the country? Are people from another country coming?

4. Religion

  • Where was the Pope?  Most of these countries are Catholic, so his visits and proclamations are a big deal. 
  • Sexual abuse scandal in Catholic Church

5. Sports

  • Soccer, obviously.  The World Cup starts in November - did your country qualify? And there is plenty of pre-World Cup news and games. And scandals with FIFA. But also national soccer news. 
  • Soccer is not the only sport!  Look in a paper on Press Reader to see if your country is following rugby, baseball, volleyball, etc.

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