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FRE 3050 Papier Final

This guide will help you with your FRE 3050 final paper.

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Citation Guides

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The MLA Handbook is available at the Information desk, along with copies of many other style guides.  Other guides to MLA are available online, such as:

A note on electronic (internet/web) sources: Most of your sources will probably be from the internet! Generally, cite the electronic version like you would the print version - ie, cite an e-book like a book, an e-journal article like a print journal article. Always include the link!  

Cite the version you used!  For example, a source could be available as a print book; but if you looked at the pdf online, you must cite it as an electronic source.

And if the source is from a website (a news site, a blog, YouTube, an organization's webpage) be sure to include the date you looked at it. Websites are constantly being updated and changing, so you need to mark which version you used. Put the date you viewed the source ("Accessed 11 Nov. 2021.") at the end. This is not necessary for e-books and e-journals - they are stable, unchanging versions of the texts.

Zotero Citation Manager

The zotero Citation Manager is a free, easy to use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Follow these steps to start building your own Zotero Library:

Writing Center

Elon's Writing Center will help you with understanding an assignment, brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, &  documenting sources.