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World Languages & Cultures Research Guide

This Research Guide contains links to print, audiovisual, and online resources located in Belk Library. These sites may help with research papers and other class assignments, as well as lead to additional useful sites.

French Language Resources at Belk

This page will help you find resources in French about the history and culture of the French-speaking world.

Quick Call Numbers

Here are the general locations of books about French language and culture.  For more specific sources, use the Belk library catalog.

440s - French grammar and language

840s - French literature (including Caribbean, African, and other literatures in French)

944s - French history

914.4 - Geography and travel in France

306.0944 - Culture of France

791.430944 - French cinema

French/English Dictionaries


Don't be afraid to use books!  Often books contain chapters or essays relevant to your topic.  Here are two places to find books, in both French and English:


Use these databases to find articles in scholarly journals, newspapers, and magazines. 

Figuring out the best search terms is the most important step in finding the information that you need.  Keyword searching allows you to combine terms for a more targeted, powerful search.  Use "and", "or", and "not" to link your search terms.

Does Belk Library Own This Journal?

Journal Finder allows you to determine if Belk Library has access to a particular magazine, scholarly journal, or newspaper.  Access means that the publication is available either online or in print in our collection.  If you can't find the article that you need, you can request it on interlibrary loan and we'll get it for you.

If you are not looking for a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper, but are instead looking for articles on a specific topic, please try the Find Articles in Databases tab instead.

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