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Insert Bibliography

Create a Bibliography

In MS Word:

Select the Insert Bibliography icon from the menu(Zotero tools may be located under the Zotero tab or the Add-ins tab on the toolbar)

The bibliography will generate automatically from the list of sources you cited in your document and in the same citation style.

If you add more in-text citations to your document, they will automatically be added to your bibliography according to the chosen style.


In Google Docs:

Open your Zotero library.

Select the sources you wish to add to your bibliography (Ctrl click to select multiple).

Drag the list into the document.

No Zotero tools in MS Word on Mac

If you cannot find your Zotero tools in MS Word and are using a Mac try these instructions.

Using the Word Plugin to insert citations

Using the Zotero Word Plugin

Use this handy tool to automatically create and insert citations and bibliographies.

Find the tools under the Add-ins tab, the Zotero tab, or under the Word Script menu.


To insert an in-text citation:

Click where you would like the citation to go

Click the insert citation icon

Choose citation style from pop-up menu

  1. A Zotero search pop up will appear.

In the Zotero search pop-up, type anything you know about the reference you want to use (title, author, etc.) Zotero will search you library for all matches.

Choose the correct item and click enter to insert that citation.


  1. Click on the Z drop down menu, choose classic view to open your Zotero library and choose your source.

If inserting multiple sources related to one idea:

 Choose the multiple sources button first then select the related references by moving them into the empty box with the green arrow

then OK.