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How to save to Zotero

There are a few ways to do this:

1.       In Safari and Firefox and Chrome, use the icon in the address bar of your browser window to capture the bibliographic data about an article/item. Zotero will automatically save it to your library.

2.       Add by unique identifier (DOI or ISBN) using the add items by identifier iconthen paste the DOI or ISBN into the pop-up box and Zotero will find the information.

3.       If you have print items to add manually, use the Create New Item button and fill in the template.

4.      Add an item by importing an RIS file using the Action icon.




Getting stuff into your library

Organizing your Zotero Library

Organizing Your Zotero Library

To organize and manage research into collections:

1.       Click on the Create New Collection button

2.       Name it

3.       Click on My Library to view all citations.

4.       Select one or more citations from the center column (select multiple using the Ctrl or Command keys) by clicking on them. Then drag them to the newly created folder.