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Academic Research Guide

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Annotated bibliographies

ZoteroBib: the quickest way to build an accurate bib

Zotero now has a quick and accurate tool to create a bibliography entry!

  • go to
  • enter a URL (website), ISBN (book), DOI (online article), PMID (PubMed), arXiv ID (author), or title
  • click on the Cite button
  • select a Bibliography style
  • copy to clipboard to paste into your document
  • formatted citations are stored in your browser until you delete them

Manage your sources with Zotero Citation Manager

The zotero Citation Manager is a free, easy to use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Follow these steps to start building your own Zotero Library:

Access your Zotero Library from Microsoft Word

To access your Zotero Library from Microsoft Office, you need to install the Zotero Add-in which you can do on the Cite tab in Zotero Preferences. When the Add-in is installed the screen will look like this:

The Cite tab in Zotero preferences

You will know it is installed in Word if you see a Zotero tab with these icons or something similar:

 Zotero icons in Microsoft Word add-ins

When you add a citation from your Zotero Library in Word, the default look-up box appears like this:

Default Zotero look-up box in Microsoft Word

To switch to a view of your entire Zotero Library, click the “Use classic Add Citation dialog” box in the Cite tab (see image above).

Citation Style Guides