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Academic Research Guide

Search for information

Search Belk Library's online system to find both library materials and articles in our databases. Use the search box below to do a basic search on library materials and databases.


Course Reserves

Professors place books and other materials on Course Reserves so everyone in your class has a chance to use them.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • check out is for a limited amount of time, usually 2 hours
  • items must not leave the library
  • get items at the library service desk
  • online articles are posted in your class's Moodle site

Use the link below to find out if a Course Reserve item is available now.

Interlibrary loan (from other libraries)

Can't find a book or article at Belk Library? Use our free Interlibrary loan service and we'll get it for you from another library.

Primary vs. secondary sources