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Career research for Seniors

Business Research Librarian

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Betty Garrison
2550 Campus Box
Belk Library
Elon University
(336) 278-6581 office
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Research Preparation Prior to An Interview

Before you go to your next job or internship interview, prepare.
  Research Your Company.  

Show your interviewer you are knowledgeable and interested.

  1. Identify the company type:
    1. ​public
    2. private
    3. non-profit
    4. governmental
    5. NGO
  2. Review a company profile using Hoovers or Marketline or GuideStar
    Private companies, large and small, will be in ReferenceUSA:
    1. company's product: manufacturing or service
    2. company size
      1. employees
      2. revenue
      3. net income "the bottom line"
    3. headquarters location
    4. CEO
    5. strategic plan
  3. Find out more about the company's industry using IBISWorld
    1. research industry performance
    2. competitive landscape
    3. major players
  4. Ask informed questions about the company; find these at FirstResearch
    1. select the industry
    2. interview prep questions and SWOT
  5. What is it like to work for a certain company; find company reviews on Glassdoor
  6. The Business Journals Triad & Triangle  Portal List of Books