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World Languages & Cultures Research Guide

Language Learning Resources at Belk

Going on a trip abroad?  Don't have time to take a formal language class?  Interested in a language that Elon doesn't offer?  Belk Library has resources to help you learn languages on your own, at your own pace.

CDs for the road

Belk Library also has audio CDs to help you learn languages.  Play them in your car during your commute, or transfer them to your iPod or MP3 player.  They are located with the music CDs on the 2nd floor.  We have Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish, and Spanish. Click the link for the complete list.



Mango is a language learning program that teaches conversation.  It can be accessed from any computer or your smartphone.

Belk Library provides access to all of the following languages:

American Sign Language Czech Greek (Ancient) Italian Portuguese (Brazil) Tagalog
Arabic (Egyptian) Danish Greek (Koine) Japanese Punjabi Tamil

Arabic (Iraqi)

Dari Haitian Creole Javanese Romanian Telugu

Arabic (Levantine)

Dutch Hawaiian Kazakh Russian Thai
Arabic (MSA) Dzongkha Hebrew Korean Scottish Gaelic Turkish
Armenian English Hebrew (Biblical) Latin Serbian Tuvan
Azerbaijani Farsi (Persian) Hindi Malay Shakespeare English Ukrainian
Bengali Finnish Hungarian Malayalam Slovak Urdu
Cherokee French Icelandic Norwegian Spanish (Latin America) Uzbek
Chinese (Mandarin) French (Canadian) Igbo Pashto Spanish (Spain) Vietnamese
Chinese (Shanghaiese) German Indonesian Pirate Swahili Yiddish
Croatian Greek Irish Polish