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COR 110 Research Guide


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Randall Bowman

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Randall Bowman
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Books & other materials

Search Belk Library's online catalog to find books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs and more located in our library. Use the drop down menu to search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Call Number.

Find books, DVDs or other items in Belk Library

Tips for searching the library catalog

Every database, including the library's catalog, uses slightly different vocabulary to describe things. The phrase the catalog uses is Emigration and ImmigrationSo use that phrase with your country or countries, or ethnic groups.  Remember this covers people going both directions - leaving a country and arriving there! 


Sweden - Emigration and immigration

Chinese - Emigration and immigration

We also have a series of books about immigration to the United States from different places. Check to see if your ancestor's country is there!

American Immigration Collection

Genealogical research online

Search these websites to find genealogical information about immigrants to the United States:

Tips for a good search

You may have to try a number of different searches to find useful results.

  • Do different searches, one with the word "immigrant" and one using "emigrant" - you may get different results
  • Search with both the name of the country and the ethnicity - Norway vs. Norwegian
  • Use the search phrases suggested by the database when you start typing
    • you type "irish immigration" and ProQuest suggests "irish immigration to us"
  • If your initial search results in a large number (over 100) of results, then add more terms
    • "irish immigration to us great famine"
  • Search in the library system to find info about the history of immigrants who came to the United States, for example “irish American history”
  • Articles in databases can be very specific
  • You will NOT find the perfect source immediately - research is a process that takes time and you may not find one perfect source
  • If you can't find good sources, ask for help!
    • Make an appointment with your Personal Librarian!
    • Email Randall by clicking on the "Email Me" button below his photo

Books and eBooks about immigration at Belk Library