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COR 110 FD - Dr. Victoria Moore

This page has links to information on the various citation guides.

Writing Center

Elon's Writing Center will help you understand an assignment, as well as brainstorm, draft, revise, edit & document sources.

Citation guides

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

What is the difference between primary and secondary sources?

Zotero Citation Manager

The zotero Citation Manager is a free, easy to use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Follow these steps to start building your own Zotero Library:

Access your Zotero Library from Microsoft Word

To access your Zotero Library from Microsoft Office, you need to install the Zotero Add-in which you can do on the Cite tab in Zotero Preferences. When the Add-in is installed the screen will look like this:

The Cite tab in Zotero preferences

You will know it is installed in Word if you see a Zotero tab with these icons or something similar:

 Zotero icons in Microsoft Word add-ins

When you add a citation from your Zotero Library in Word, the default look-up box appears like this:

Default Zotero look-up box in Microsoft Word

To switch to a view of your entire Zotero Library, click the “Use classic Add Citation dialog” box in the Cite tab (see image above).