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COR 110 - Prof. Udeh

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These three databases are good for searching a wide variety of topics.  A great starting place for your research!

These databases include articles about more specific topics that you might research, like politics, society, the environment, or education.

News Sources

    Google Scholar

To access the full-text of peer-reviewed articles, use the Elon Journal Finder links that display in your search results.

Does Belk Library Own This Journal?

Journal Finder allows you to determine if Belk Library has access to a particular magazine, scholarly journal, or newspaper.  Access means that the publication is available either online or in print in our collection.  If you can't find the article that you need, you can request it on interlibrary loan and we'll get it for you.

If you are not looking for a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper, but are instead looking for articles on a specific topic, please try the Find Articles in Databases tab instead.

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