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FRE 221 Francophone Youth Project

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Coming up with the right search terms or keywords is always a challenge - even for librarians! Remember there are a lot of synonyms you can try:


Young adults

Adolescents or adolescence


Background Information

You may not know a lot about the country you pick.  Here are some sources to get a quick summary of a country's or region's population, history, and culture.

Search for information

Search Belk Library's online system to find both library materials and articles in our databases. Use the search box below to do a basic search on library materials and databases.



Google Scholar French

You're probably familiar with Google Scholar, a way to search only scholarly resources in Google.  But did you know it came in a French-only version?  Remember to enter your search terms in French: for example, not "child labor" but "travail des enfants".

International Organizations

There is a lot of great data and context available from international organizations such as those below.  All of these groups listed have French resources available: