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COR 110 Research Guide

This page has links to Spanish language news sources in all formats from all over the world.

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Las Noticias Falsas

Fake news is not just a US phenomenon! Be careful when you're out on the web. It's easy to put up a website that looks like an "official" news site. 

Read this article, "Spotting Fake News in Latin America" for a more in-depth analysis of the politics and money behind fake news.

  • If you aren't sure, look for information about the website or source.  
  • Wikipedia has a good list of newspapers by country.
  • Definitely be wary of news from social media sites like Facebook or WhatsApp. 
  • Does the story have references to outside sources, like government sites? Is it clear where the author got the information?
  • Check the language. If the story and tweets are in English not Spanish, it could be fake. Like this story about the cancelled Argentina-Israel football match this spring where tweets almost caused a diplomatic incident.

Fake News in the Spanish-Speaking World

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