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Randall Bowman
Archives and Special Collections Department Belk Library Elon University

Online Reference

Print Reference

 Here is a partial bibliography of reference sources available in Belk Library:  

The Queer Encyclopedia of Film and Television (Ref. 791.08644 Q31su)

Michael Singer’s Film Directors: A Complete Guide (Ref. 791.43 M582si)

Encyclopedia of Alfred Hitchcock (Ref. 791.430233 H631Le)

Hispanics in Hollywood (Ref. 791.4308968 R33hi)

Historical Dictionary of African-American Cinema (Ref. 791.4308.996 B459hi)

Contemporary British and Irish Film Directors (Ref. 791.430941 C767al)

The BFI Companion to German Cinema (Ref. 791.430943 B469el)

Contemporary Japanese Film (Ref. 791.430952 SCH33co)

Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film (Ref. 791.430956 C738le)

The Oxford Companion to Australian Film (Ref. 791.430994 OX2mc)

The Anime Encyclopedia (Ref. 791.433 C591An2)

The Animated Film Encyclopedia (Ref. 791.433 W382an2)

Images in the Dark: An Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video (Ref. 791.436 M966Im)

The Encyclopedia of Novels into Film (Ref. 791.436 T432En2)

The Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups in Hollywood (Ref. 791.43652 En19pa)

The Encyclopedia of Westerns (791.436278 F131En)

British Film Institute: Film Classics (Ref. 791.4375 B777fi)