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ENG 110 Research Guide

Search word suggestions for debate topics

Debate topic - The possession of any drug should be decriminalized. 

  • drug and possession and decriminalization
  • drugs and decriminalization and treatment
  • drug decriminalization and health
  • drug possession and decriminalization
  • marijuana (name of any current illegal drug) and decriminalization
  • drug possession offenses and fines
  • drugs and rights
  • drugs and freedom
  • drugs and criminal justice system
  • drug liberalization and laws

Debate topic - Animal testing for medical purposes is justified. 

  • animal testing and justification
  • animal testing and medicine
  • animal testing and medical breakthroughs
  • animal testing and ethics
  • animal testing and pharmacology
  • animal rights and medical testing
  • animals and medicine and research
  • animal experimentation and medicine

Datbases for scholarly and popular articles

Government Websites

*Government websites reflect current government policy but they are a good place to locate statistics and information.